About Inventors (PRE-KINDERGARTEN)

Our Pre-Kindergarten program will build a foundation for your child to embrace lifelong learning. We provide your pre-schooler with a wide range of enriching activities that will not only prepare your child for Kindergarten, but prepare them for a strong academic career. Our small setting in a very secure environment gives our students the individual attention they require in this important stage of development! Our teachers provide opportunities for the children to explore a wide variety of centers in science, math, computer skills, dramatic play, blocks, puzzles, creative arts, music, and literacy!

Kiddie Corner at Larkin has a one-of-a-kind, custom curriculum designed to incorporate elements of popular programmes from all over the world and cutting-edge Developmental Psychology research.. This program provides a comprehensive and exciting framework for learning the basics of math, science, social skills, and geography and global cultures, while incorporating literacy into all aspects of play and learning. It offers a wide range of enriching activities to meet the needs of each child and build a strong foundation of skills that they will need to succeed! Your child's progress will be assessed frequently throughout the year so that we can learn their strengths and identify what might need additional support. This approach helps us better prepare them for Kindergarten!


Kiddie Corner offers care for your school-aged child if they are enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through . This care is available before and after school, on days off from school (including those unexpected snow days), and over summer vacation.