Busy Bees


About Busy Bees…

We have a fun year planned for your child! Throughout the year, we will help your child grow and learn through many different activities! We will be working on our fine motor skills by using scissors, markers, paints, and crayons! For hand-eye coordination, we will string beads, build with blocks, use our peg boards, and explore in our sand table.

We will be working on expanding our literacy skills through storytelling, journal writing, name recognition, and language charts. We will be practicing self-help skills such as putting our coats and shoes on, zipping and snapping buttons and zippers, and using the bathroom.

The Busy Bees will have many opportunities to be exposed to letters, numbers, colors and shapes, through various games and activities in our classroom. While it may look like we are just playing, there is some serious learning going on!